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We use data and analytics to help solve social problems
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Our Services

We can help you get the most out of the data you already have, and set you up for the data you need, to unlock better services performance.

Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy

Gathering, storing, sharing and using data needs to be done right, to give you the insights you need while protecting the privacy of others. We specialise in helping non-profit service organisations and their partners to set up effective data governance structures, policies and data-sharing agreements, as well as helping them link data strategy to their existing service strategy and reporting.

Data strategy toolkit

Analytics toolkit

The right tools in the right hands can bring about incredible positive change. We use a wide range of algorithm-based predictive modeling methods to uncover valuable insight in your data, as well as a growing set of workshop patterns for discovery, analysis, problem-solving and co-design to engage your community.

We can also coach you in making your own tools for change with your organisation and your community.

Data analytics training

Data training

It’s time to move from just using data to see what happened in the past, to using data and analytics to predict the likely outcomes. We run customised training sessions to get your team up to speed on all the jargon, as well as practical hands-on activities to help you quickly see how you can apply these techniques to your strategy, teams and services.

Our Approach

Today’s messy problems need more than just charts and numbers. We combine predictive data analytics with a design thinking mindset, and bring all parts of a community together to be part of the solution. Here’s how.

  • We conduct strategic discovery workshops with you, your team and your partners


    We conduct discovery workshops with you and your service partners to understand how you work together, and how we can help find innovative ways of tackling social problems together, using resources you already have.

  • Strategic partnering

    We make recommendations about how predictive data analytics can help your organisation’s existing strategic goals, and equip your senior management for data governance and responsible data sharing.

  • Data consulting

    We work closely with your subject matter experts to understand and catalogue the data you already have, and provide templates and patterns to help groom and prepare data for analysis.

  • We analyse data, create predictive models, and visualise insights in ways the whole team can understand

    Predictive data analytics

    We securely and responsibly collect and analyse your data (plus any other data sources), create predictive models and metrics to generate actionable insight for you, your team, and your partners, and visualise it all in a way that everyone can understand.

  • We provide a range of data collection and analysis tools

    Interactive data tools

    We equip you and your partners with data collection tools (digital and paper-based) and digital dashboard-based analytics tools, so that you can track the right change over time.

Our Platform

We bring you the best of secure data storage, modelling, analysis, reporting and visualisation into one ground-breaking cohesive platform.

Our data platform

Secure collection and storage

Collect and store your organisation’s data using systems you already have, or point solutions we build for you, and then use our range of modelling and visualisation tools to extract insight and track trends.

Harness the collective power of others’ data

What’s more, if you decide to anonymise and share any of your data with others, you can then have access to others’ shared data to combine and enhance your own insights.

Our Purpose

We want to help transform the community services sector into a thriving, responsive, community-led system, where the people giving and receiving services both have agency (in different ways), and where there is a growing wealth of shared data and tools to make services strategy, planning and provision more responsive and intelligent.

This sort of change takes more than just government funding, community consultation, and outcomes-based reporting.

It needs a new set of tools, and a new way of thinking that helps all parts of the community actually make their own tools, and make their own decisions.

We want to bring the benefits of design thinking and predictive data analytics that other industries enjoy, to the community services sector, especially place-based community services.

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